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Why Wear A Bathing Suit Than Nude Swim Faster

Aug 08, 2016

Why wear a bathing suit than nude swim faster
Many people think that skinny weight burden of both the swimsuit and without the resistance of a bathing suit, so swimming naked than wear swimsuits swim faster. However, that's not what happened. Swimming naked rather than wear swimsuits swim more slowly.
"Nude bathing is not yet universal, is not indecent, but skinny-not a very fast. "The researchers proved, do not wear swimsuits 9% greater resistance than a swimsuit, bathing suit can make the body streamlined, less resistance. So why all athlete swimming suit "shark skin"? It is also associated with reduced drag. Swimmers in the water's resistance, positive with the density of water, swimming area, and swimming speed is proportional to the square of the coefficient of friction, reducing frontal area and coefficient of friction is the key to designing low-resistance suit. "Shark skin" swimwear is fluid mechanics and Bionics principle in mind, mimics shark skin features. "Shark swim faster, because it has a small spine-shaped protrusions on the skin, shark when swimming in the water, these processes can be more effective in increasing the water flow around the body, thereby reducing the drag, the shark in the ocean swimming champion. "