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What Is The Difference Between Swimsuit And Underwear?

Sep 09, 2017

1, different functions

Swimsuits should be suitable for underwater sports wear, which requires the swimsuit to be waterproof, flexible, and in the process of underwater exercise on the water resistance is small, in order to achieve this, swimsuit will be designed to be very tight style. The main function of underwear is to protect women's breasts, play a role in support and shaping, the production process is more complex. While wearing comfortable can not be too tight, so it skin-friendly, breathable, hygroscopicity is better, at any time to keep the skin dry.

2, different fabrics

Swimsuit and underwear fabric selection angle is completely opposite, mainly reflected in the fabric of the hydrophilic. Swimsuit commonly used DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and other waterproof and flexible fabric production, and underwear with a good absorbent fabric made of pure cotton.

3, the appearance of different

Swimsuit is outside the wear, in the design more emphasis on visual effects, material is relatively thick, stylish, and many styles, patterns are also varied. While the underwear worn inside, the material is more light to the main color, style and no swimsuit more.

So, swimsuit can not wear when the underwear, underwear can not wear when the swimsuit. Swimsuit is generally only in the summer to wear, and underwear wear all year round, swimsuit can not replace the underwear, because the swimsuit does not have underwear breathability and hygroscopicity, the same, underwear can not replace the swimsuit, because the underwear does not have swimsuit Waterproof, and cotton underwear in the water will become translucent, likely to cause embarrassing scenes.