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To Find The Most In Fabric, Come 2017 China International Textile Accessories Expo

Aug 25, 2017

2017 China international textile materials and accessories (Chun Xia) Expo Shanghai sail

In the background of the national supply side structural reforms to further promote the industry, facing the steady growth, structural adjustment, increased efficiency, development of a series of tasks and upgrade requirements, more need to work together on downstream industry chain enterprises. As the industry launched the front and instigated local fashion accessories exhibition, Intertextile spring and summer as a professional exhibition, standing at a new historical position, provide much more insight into the market direction, the platform for the development of the industry, textile materials, guide enterprises to actively respond to increase product, quality, brand appeal, to achieve overall the global development, become an important task of the new period of historical responsibility and fabric exhibition to bear.

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On March 2017 15-17, by the Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee of Frankfurt branch, the textile industry exhibition (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. and Chinese Textile Information Center Co sponsored the 2017 China international textile fabrics and accessories (Chun Xia) Fair in the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) held.

This has enabled the Intertextile spring and summer accessories exhibition hall 7, the exhibition area of over 187000 square meters, again brush accessories exhibition scale spring summer records, there were from 26 countries and regions over 3340 materials enterprises to participate in the exhibition, including more than 470 overseas enterprises.

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Collaborative transformation in response to fashion appeal

With the rapid development of Internet technology and the constant change of business ecology, the whole textile and garment industry chain must optimize and upgrade the original operation mode and cooperation mode. The new demands of fashion, personalized consumption, and the new generation groups in consumer behavior on the expression of self demands, require the entire textile accessories industry chain should be with factors of the textile and garment business ecological construction new connection.

In this regard, as the initiator and fashion mainstream instigators, the spring and summer Intertextile accessories exhibition based on the demand of the development of the textile and garment industry chain, through the integration of high-quality domestic and foreign exhibitors to showcase the latest resources, high-quality fabrics, fashion dress fabrics, casual fabrics, sportswear fabric, shirt fabric, denim fabric, pattern design lingerie / swimwear fabric, accessories and all kinds of products, the industry provides the most solid support for the development of local and popular fashion.

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At the same time, as the market most popular face accessories enterprises, have brought the latest, the best fashion products at this exhibition each exhibition area, interpretation of 2017 of the market trends. Fashion women's show occupies 7.2, 8.2 of the entire exhibition hall, but also according to exhibits classification breakdown, reference buyers purchasing habits and other factors, in the 7.1 and 8.1 museum also has area distribution. Daly silk, Ningbo Jianye constant, adorable knitting, textile yarn, textile color card, de Barry, Qin Jian textile fabric, Tianyi textile and a series of star enterprises gathered, stars in the spring and summer Intertextile accessories exhibition in a light shining.