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Swimwear Trends

Aug 30, 2017

Geometry world

Modern architectural style and influences the swimwear design simple contour, deliberately cut and re combination block surface, create eye-catching geometric, material stitching or hollow other elements will be more prominent, no wrinkles and decorations can also get attention, has become the main tone blocks of the same color or contrast color. It is worth paying attention to details.

Warm tribe

Exotic customs always bring warmth and dynamism, and tribal style has always been an essential element of fashion. Abstract: irregular patterns, stripes and flowers wave stack, colorful color series and high contrast color collocation, geometric patterns and animal markings, which represent the original design highlights the wild summer bright blue sky and white clouds, people can feel the romantic exotic holiday good mood when and where.

Height contrast

Black and white dual color collocation, although there is no color of riotous feeling, but from the classic add delicate design also can become the focus of attention. Some psychedelic and geometric patterns in the design of stitching brings a strong sense of art; the stripes are wind sailing, black and white striped can produce high contrast effect, some pinstriped flounces bring stereo vision dense stack, and some rough fringe of the hidden details of the decoration; have white edge arc decorative collocation white buttons, become the most obvious design in a simple black swimsuit; some white collage and strongly highlighted the zipper tooth like tearing and unique personality; some emphasize the belt elements, simple black and white color so that the overall outline highlights the strong contrast.