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Swimwear Fabric Is Used, And The Different Characteristics Of Fabrics

Aug 08, 2016

Classification of swimwear fabrics are divided into DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester is the swimsuit category of materials you use most often. Any hollow, TI-special materials such as flowers from the above three types of elastic characteristics. Many new swimwear fabric with UV-resistant, chlorine or water resistance and other special processing.
Swimwear fabrics characteristics: DuPont Lycra: is a man-made elastic fibers, elastic best fabric can be extended to 4-6 times the original length, excellent stretch, suitable for all kinds of fibres, strengthens texture tumbling, wrinkle-and so on. Resistance to chlorine-containing DuPont Lycra will make swimsuit has a more than ordinary steel long service life. Cotton spandex fabric: textures than the solid Lycra fabrics, but comparable softness and elasticity of Lycra. Currently swimwear the fabric most often used, suitable for moderately priced products. Polyester fabric: for a one-way, two-stretch elastic fabric. Elastic limit are mostly used in swimming trunks or swimsuits, does not apply to even a bathing suit. Some splicing or low price policy is applied to the fabric. Swimsuit material and garment accessories, swimwear design to "comfortable" and "personal" is the first principle. According to the survey, mostly use nylon, fabric and flexibility required to, will not affect consumers wearing comfort. So when choosing clothing accessories, "flexibility" was absolutely necessary requirements. In response to current trends, if need to use metal, acrylic, when non-elastic materials such as shells, designed to choose location does not affect the elasticity of the body. When applied properly, accessories will be the perfect finishing touch the effect.