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Spring And Summer Swimwear Series Trends: Thin Band Complex 40 Suit Size

Sep 02, 2017

The new season's swimsuit, showing the designer's dedication of the thin band complex, the thin band into the swimsuit, to create a sexy cool shape. L'Space by Monica Wise designer with a fine to bring the whole shape, swimsuit to thin belt neck, swim trunks on both sides with a thin design hollow, and low-key metal texture fabric complement each other. One Teaspoon with a dazzling metallic color material, black stripes interspersed with them, in the two colors of similar fabric convergence at the formation of eye-catching transition logo. Peixoto simple black bikini, the designer through the sub-level show a thin band complex. The length of the swimsuit down to extend the delicate band to do a clever transition, swimming trunks on both sides deliberately hollow, highlight the strip, show sexy side. Thapelo Paris black neck neck swimsuits, chest low V and thin band intertwined hollow is particularly intriguing, Tori Praver Swimwear sexy hot three-point bikini, psychedelic visual effects to break the traditional weaving aesthetics, it is particularly light and cool , With the integration of the fine belt shuttle which form a grid, so secret details, really worthy of careful appreciation.