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Spring And Summer Swimsuit Fashion Trends: Exotic Girls Size 12 Bikini

Sep 02, 2017

One summer, the swimsuit is the fashion of the Lord, but also the women came to the beach on the appearance of a good time, and in the release of the swimsuit this season, the major designer goalkeeper exotic style are integrated into the swimsuit, complicated The pattern and the right cut so that the beach is full of eye-catching landscape. Or diving suits, or triangular conjoined, or conservative style swimsuit, this season are added with 3D printing elements, to create exotic routes.

Mara Hoffman uses the colorful pop style into the back, cross-style design, a good show of the female body, Sinesia Karol is the use of palm trees to attract the eye pattern, blue tone plus green leaves , Bra-style design style fascinating. And Ella Moss bright matte red, Bra with a wide version of the thong, Chinese style blue and white porcelain pattern, in a tiled way printed on the swimsuit, the color of the collision are fashion highlights. Now the swimsuit decorative sense of more than functional, swimwear itself is a sportswear, and in the movement of the wind blowing this season, moving elements also against the swimsuit, the use of diving suit elements, zippers and long sleeves and other sports clothing Elements also joined them, but in the blooming of the printing effect, so that the original monotonous diving suit out of the boring feeling, adding a lot of dazzling colors and hollow design, free choice where the exposed, you can better display Its female curve. Quickly wear swimsuit on the beach to start a fascinating trip to foreigners.