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Sports Illustrated Finally Began To Sell Swimsuit, Sportswear As Well

Aug 17, 2017

Times company has engaged in a new business, its magazine "Sports Illustrated" to start selling swimsuit, and to the market there are sportswear.

"Sports Illustrated" and swimsuit has a deep origin, but also an active advocate of bikini. In 1964, the magazine began in February each year regularly published "Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition" swimsuit album, the first issue of the cover published in the white bikini cover girl. After 53 years, bikini or Siamese swimsuits took the cover of the swimsuit album, people never forget.

These years, "Sports Illustrated" has become a swimsuit, or a synonym for bikini.

"This is a natural development process for Sport Illustrated, which has long been considered an authority to represent swimwear fashion," said Bruce Gersh, Minister of Strategy and Business Development, "Sports Illustrated "The brand extends to the field of high-end clothing, which is also very appropriate. This coincides with the group now want to attract the strategy of consumers coincide."



"Sports Illustrated" to find the partner is a 49-year-old swimwear company Raj Swim. At present, the company's company includes ATHENA, ELLA Moss, REEF and other nine swimsuit brand. Bruce Gersh said that "Sports Illustrated" came to Raj Swim cooperation, is a fancy to its rich history in the swimwear industry.

At present, this series is still under development, has not yet revealed the details of the design, plans early in 2018 will be on the market. The era says this series is suitable for "all types of women". Of course, the new series will be on the "Sports Illustrated" magazine, also on the RajSwim official station.

"We will focus on long-term cooperation." Sports Illustrated "useful growth potential.We put the" Sports Illustrated "together with the development of swimwear and sportswear as a supplement to the product line." Sports Illustrated "in the global brand awareness "Swimwear and sportswear are evolving, and we have a lot of opportunities for this partnership," said Brenda West, president of Raj Swim.

The era of traditional media companies began to face challenges. Last year, the company's paper advertising and distribution revenue accounted for 70% of the total revenue of $ 3.08 billion, and both revenues fell 9%. At the same time, the times are expected in this year's profit will drop to 3 billion US dollars.

In order to reverse this situation, the times the company while cutting costs, while the development of new business. Even the magazine's total revenue flagship magazine "people" is no longer only concerned about the characters reported, but also for the pet group opened a separate site People Pets and a separate Twitter account, and plans to launch a pet health insurance.

Bruce Gersh said, "Sports Illustrated" launched swimwear and sportswear, is the brand to the lifestyle category. The deal will be "Sports Illustrated" in the world signed the first clothing license.