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Pass Rate Than Net Purchase Swimsuits Swimwear Manufacturer Failure Rates

Aug 08, 2016

Summer, swimming and started to fire up, but a lot of people may not know, his wearing a swimsuit may be wide of the mark. Bureau of quality and technical supervision announced yesterday swimwear product sampling reports this year, 45.5% for, online product qualification rate only 31.2%, far below the rate of store 83.3%.
Substandard products are non-conforming, some bathing suits under the Sun easily discolored or faded, stretched property likely to cause "wardrobe malfunction", and so on.
Stretch elastic extension reflects the pros and cons of swimwear fabrics, fabrics high tensile elastic elongation, warp after wear. If it does not meet requirements, when using a partial rupture can occur, users of "exposing" the embarrassment. Swimming pool is open for public swimming swimsuit will be exposed to the Sun, if color fastness to light of bathing suits are not qualified, are prone to discolouration or fading is affected. The sampling found that 13 batches of the project is not eligible. If the price analysis, sample quality and price were positively correlated, swimsuit pass rate is only 25% less than 100 Yuan, 100-200 Yuan and 41.9% for, more than 200 Yuan rate can reach 67.6%.