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New Season Five Swimsuit Trend

Aug 25, 2017

Trends One: High waist

High waist split swimwear as early as the 1930s had appeared, has a strong retro flavor, in recent quarters in the swimwear design strong resurgence, but also to some extent by the impact of fashion high waist trend, fashionable burst table.



Trends II: Longline wide side

Longline style by the corset bust and the rise of the impact of popular, for the bikini under the coat was extended design. In the swimsuit design makes the more fashion sense at the same time, but also can play a role in highlighting the waist.



Trends Three: Bandeau Tube Top

Tube style swimwear also has a retro gene from the 40s of last century, a separate style of innovation after the resurgence of a more modern. New season design at the same time out of the people on the care of the "girl" sense of the inherent impression, was given a more fashionable and sexy temperament.



Trends Style Four: Halter-neck collar

Halter-neck swimsuit has become a popular hot swimsuit style, although the movement of the wind in the swimwear design on the extension, but the new season is still through a variety of design changes to bring people different fashion senses.


Trends Five: Wrap slits

Patch design models swimwear from the previous few quarters of the popular design of the hollow from the hollow, because the hollow style led a piece of swimwear in the beach look in the revival of the patchwork style swimwear is also an excellent outdoor swimsuit choice