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Men Knee-length Bathing Suit This Year When

Aug 08, 2016

Speedo has four main models, including swim trunks, Boxer trunks, and knee-length swim trunks and shorts. Boxer trunks is the best-selling model in the past, and this year more and more people like to buy knee-length swim trunks and shorts. As with ladies swimwear, swim trunks, swim in the indoor pool, the first three paragraphs are, go to the beach to play, usually choose speedos or shorts.
Men generally agreed that wearing swim trunks and height requirements are relatively high, so most would choose the relatively conservative Boxer trunks, but knee-length swim trunks suddenly popular, a bit off guard. This relationship with the swimming environment, public swimming pools, most air conditioners in the past, now the City star hotel's swimming pool is an indoor swimming pool and equipped with air conditioning, pool and leisure facilities, comfortable, men's swimming pool after rest, swim briefs are too cold, they will choose the long knee-length bathing suit. Professional knee-length bathing suit along with the muscle lines design, flexible body activities, while also have some slim roles.
Beach casual vacation, Europe men used to choose loose-fitting knee-length shorts when swimming trunks directly, domestic, young men are affected by this, and also began to use on holiday Beach shorts, new listings this year one of the water reveals the dark Beach pants are pretty popular. Not all Beach pants can be used directly when the bathing suit, must have a gauze underlay can – used to isolate the sand, into the sea after playing waves, play on the beach, the sand will not rub directly on the body.