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For The Swimsuit Market, The Simple Sex Appeal Is No Longer Enough

Aug 18, 2017

Sexy, fit, light - these are the three basic features of swimsuits, but these three points are no longer enough to satisfy new consumers.


According to media reports Glossy fashion industry, with customers face model (Direct To Consumer) brand becomes more and more, swimwear manufacturers have discovered new needs of the market, people are calling for more cheap and environmentally friendly new products.

The key to this product design is the use of high-quality environmentally friendly materials that can be worn by customers for long periods of time. Also, the style is one piece swimsuit, compared with sexy bikinis, a chip of the line to simplicity, and suitable for the majority of people figure - girls no longer need to practice a supermodel and hungry as a horse.

According to market research firm Edited, the rate of sales of one piece swimwear jumped three times this year, compared with the same period last year. In addition, from online sales figures, bikinis selling rate decreased by 9%, and an increase of 20%, they are using circular fabric processing environmental protection suit, the price is less than $100 (about 690 yuan).

Next, the market for environmentally friendly swimwear is bound to develop more style. Reformation is a niche brand is retro, Summer Salt is more emphasis on professional sense, it can be developed with wearing a swimsuit tight pants collocation, convenient for those who switch freely swimming enthusiasts a different dress scene.


However, the "green materials" is a general concept, behind it also contains a large number of different branches -- such as EcoGypsy is by hand crochet swimsuit fashion, the brand from Bali Island are not too many high-tech components, its environmental protection is not "waste", but "little machinery chemical pollution"