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Fashion Visual Enjoyment: 3D Print Womens Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit

Aug 30, 2017

1504057212(1).jpgFashion visual enjoyment: 3D Print Bikini

  The printing of 3D effects on two-dimensional fabrics is an innovation and leap in the fashion world. With the progress of science and technology, all walks of life explore innovation on the basis of their respective industries. The bikini also moved on to 3D for the first time, and this 3D Print Bikini is a joint design creation by Fizel and Haung.

  Thousands of thin discs are joined by tiny springs, creating a new shape memory that allows the fabric to be neatly preserved in bikini shape. Nylon 12 is the key to making 3D prints, and nylon 12 is also an honorific title for this 3D bikini. Nylon 12 is made of fabric with an inherent waterproof property, suitable for use as a fabric for various swimming suits. The 3D stamp bikinis use complex pressure of combination of multiple disk is a double surface equation of arbitrary surface equation is corresponding to equation (higher mathematics method to space surface can be seen as the locus of points, disc point in the design of the concept as in bikinis on the locus of points, and the track of the meet by the coordinates of the point to express), the size of the disc point to fit the curvature and edge surface equation design bikinis. Therefore, the aesthetic design of such visual effects comes from the accuracy of structural design.