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Do Not Want To Be Submerged In The Sun And Wave Point Printing Your Swimsuit Pick It?

Aug 22, 2017

"My legs are quite rough, how to pick?"

Choose high open fork! Hard to understand? Obviously leg thick but to expose more legs. Some girls are relatively thick legs, similar to the athletes and the like, there are naturally the kind of pretty legs, high open fork, although fully show their legs, but in the visual but will make legs more slender, lines are also a sense of beauty The


Do not believe it, try to take back 20 meters to see the effect, wear high split you see is the "proportion", and the more wearing a skirt to stop the meat that you see in addition to fat, there are short.

"Hey, waist quite rough"

Waist rough in the summer is simply flawed, whether it is larger or more skeletal fat, the most direct way of course, hiding! Choose a conjoined body swimsuit swimsuit, leather or stretch with the effect of body sculpting can be a great extent to help you put the meat "get up."


In fact, know how to match the color and pattern, many times can help you solve the problem. For example, on both sides of the middle of the light-colored splicing dark, will play a visual effect of the waist. Pattern is also the case, the selection of super-chic good-looking pattern it, passing by your side, look at your pattern too late, how can you watch your waist rough rough

"Big ass? Pelvic very wide ..."

Buttocks or full-length swimsuit, shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the fullness of the buttocks, of course, or the old method, the upper body to choose a sense of design style, such as geometric straps, etc., there are Transfer the effect of attention ...


Straps of the vest-style swimwear began to dominate the summer beach, it is youthful at the same time, not too fancy, if you are relatively conservative girl, this will give you a small sense of security.

"Chest is not big, but there are deputy milk ..."

The choice of small chest have more than 10 million so many, want to make the chest look more full, you can choose some pleated swimsuit style, because the three-dimensional folds, can make the chest looks slightly full, and the fold also To a large extent play a blocking role. If you want to effect more prominent, may wish to try red, yellow and other bright swimsuit swimsuit.


Deputy milk is a small trouble, affect the appearance, but also a good solution, for example, add a small coat it, in the sea can have sunscreen function, but also to avoid just out of the water, clothes are very personal embarrassing situation.

"If the body is fat it ... ..."

Girl, the reduction of ...


Some designers will be this holiday tone into the swimsuit, combined with a leisurely way of life, clear lace fabric, or exotic pattern of gowns, are suitable for walking in the beach side, compared to pure swimming fitness, This design is more with a completely relaxed, enjoy the current attitude.

Remember these short and easy routines, so you are so beautiful with others so much different, perhaps your swimsuit to give you the style, a delicate exquisite. Of course, if you do not care about these, then you enjoy the play well, as other people's eyes and comments, ignore it...