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Swimsuit For Male

Aug 22, 2017

Recently, the Sixth China International Swimwear Show will be held in August 16th in Xingcheng, Liaoning, and as a pioneer in the textile ink industry, Nanjing Huaju nanometer Technology Co., Ltd. will show the perfect show in the nano-era of new technology chapter!

Nanjing Huaju Technology has independent printing rights of textile printing ink, can be directly sprayed through the digital jet printing equipment in cloth, in general, without pretreatment, bleaching and dyeing, sizing, steaming, washing and other processes, pollution-free, Zero emissions, absolutely environmentally friendly and healthy, to overcome the dye poor weather resistance, low color fastness, low material applicability of the short board, widely used in cotton, silk and chemical fiber and so on textile materials, to achieve blended color and printing, finished Color reduction degree of more than 95% (that is less than 5% color), water fastness in the above four, in line with the current textile and garment industry standards (GB / T3921-2008, GB / T250-2008), the government attaches great importance With concern.

In addition, Huaju Technology is committed to the overall solution of the project, including equipment research and development, custom ink and other supplies research and development, integration of quality resources, selected high-quality partners, composed of highly targeted professional project team, by senior staff responsible for the whole Project management, to create a full range of solutions, including equipment, work processes, related support software and custom ink and other supplies, and provide one-stop after-sales service model, so that the use of customers to buy the rest assured that the use of the heart. In addition, Huaji Technology has always been "to give full play to nanotechnology, eliminate printing and dyeing, to the human one custom custom world" business mission to the extreme, good technology really become customer's productivity, customer product quality and manufacturing speed Double change, the integration of production and marketing dream into reality, to enhance China's light industrial products in the global competitiveness, and promote China's light power from the light industry to sharp change.

Nanjing Huaju on the basis of technological innovation in many ways to consider, adhere to the "science is not only research, but also a responsibility - for the human to create a healthy, rich, beautiful life." Green ideas, and strive to " ", So that China made into industry standards.