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Clothing Worn Errors

Aug 08, 2016

Feminine charm, personal character, temperament, training, appearance, attitude to life, dressing and other aspects of the combination. A woman in a coordinated, generous clothing show their quality, hobbies and pursuits; with a good image, attract attention and affection, praise to enjoy this beauty.
But some beautiful variation, often runs counter to the wishes of the people, have counterproductive results. That's because you accidentally walk into the dressing errors
Charming and sexy on the relationship, some also have the undesirable place. From a certain perspective, able to coordinate with the surrounding environment, can add light color for itself, can be noticed garments are attractive. Properly exposed skin, and is also displayed the charm of means. But conceal or highlight certain areas, emphasis, or show off your sexuality, but be a non paged association with people. We are commonly referred to as sexy clothing does not depend on the level of bare skin, but focused and related to adaptation to the environment. Such as exposed more social evening dress, smooth white neck exposed on the outside, showing women mature charms. Similarly the garment if it appears in a small street in the side-lane, only prostitutes were compared. Bikini bikini swimsuit in the swimming pool, romantic, major injury weathered out in the street. Sometimes charming and sexy just pleasing, in choice caused attention. Very popular, for example, short leather skirt, put bad people's eyes could not help but will be fixed on round plump thighs. Like for intimate lover in front of the dress, do not appear in public. Also pay attention to their own behaviour. A person who likes to flirt and send sexy signal itself.
There are a lot of people, perhaps because of their own culture is not too high, perhaps is the lack of common sense, some dress appeared in public hardly conducive to an individual's image, but lower your grade. Such as summer slips, wear light colored skirt, thigh and panty glance; wear a transparent coat, in sharp contrast with the Bras; too tight coat, lined bra fat; panties tight hips, show deep marks printed on the outer pants ... ... The dress would embarrass homosexual or heterosexual, become someone else's joke. Neither dead nor polite. Less sexy, less attractive.
Dress hats and scenery to read about woman's life, or how to act, and to Rome, not the wrong way round.