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Bathing Suit Styles

Aug 22, 2017

Confused one: the limitations of swimsuit cognition

In the Beijing market, not only from Australia, France, Germany, Italy and other places of the swimsuit, the domestic swimwear brand also dazzling and sales momentum is good, including Hosa, love, Zhou grams, Kai Di Long, Jin Cher became a domestic brand Leader, sales are clearly ahead of other swimwear products, the current mainstream market price of 300 to 500 yuan.

The swimsuits are slightly deserted. When the guests close, the sales staff will warmly welcome to ask, "What type of swimsuit you want to choose," the customer can not accurately explain the swimsuit you want, the sales staff will always add a "you want to buy what price "Sales staff asked the" price ", rather than" function and appropriate occasions ", which to some extent reflects the many people on the limitations of swimsuit awareness.

Consumers are mainly white-collar workers in the high-income class and students. These people are divided into three categories, one is the professional function of the swimsuit requirements, according to the function to choose their own swimsuit. The second is the entry-level enthusiasts, the style of the swimsuit, fabric features a little knowledge. The third is almost do not understand swimming, buy swimsuit is to "face project", blindly superstitious well-known brands, such as Australia's world famous swimsuit brand Speedway (Speedo), France's Ariana (Arena) or born in Hong Kong Swimwear brand Hosa (Hosa) and so on.

Industry experts pointed out that Chinese consumers on the swimsuit there is another misunderstanding. In addition to professional sports brands, such as Speedo (Speedo), swimsuit function is not very different, generally within a few hundred dollars within the swimsuit basically no functional differences, brand swimsuit generally only quality and style "In the clothing wearing the occasion more and more blurred today, that swimsuit is only suitable for appearing in the beach is outdated, swimwear can be sub-competitive, lifestyle, performance type, sexy type, as well as" bikini " , Can be said that swimsuit has been to achieve "fashion, entertainment, life," the cross-border, and has become the main fashion modeling a single product.

Confused two: the embarrassment of the brand and price

On the other hand, consumers believe that in the swimsuit brand awareness, imports of swimwear less than domestic swimsuit. Hosa, love is currently known to the people of the brand, and most of the imported brands are not too many popular brand, but did not establish the speed than the Tao (Speedo) as big as the image. From the purchase convenience point of view, the basic use of domestic brands swimwear brand, brand stores are also common, however, the purchase of imported brands of swimsuit is not very convenient, less stores, business super attendance rate is low. From the sales point of view, mainly to swimwear-based retail channels to more than three or four lines of brand swimwear-based, they may not even brand goods. The reason, the general shopping malls selling swimwear prices are relatively high, low three or four hundred dollars, high seven or eight hundred dollars, compared to the supermarket and the wholesale market is much more expensive. Some customers believe that the use of swimwear is relatively short, and the replacement is also very fast, a summer to buy one or two swimwear is enough, to the second year, will buy new, do not want to spend six or seven hundred dollars Shopping malls to buy swimwear, the general will spend a hundred dollars to the supermarket, the market or swimming pool, bathing near the sale of specialty stores to buy swimming, although the quality than the brand, but also enough to deal with a summer. And club leisure places swimwear sales, because consumers are less sensitive to the price, then willing to "Minato atmosphere", prefer a little famous brand swimsuit. In contrast, the status of foreign brands swimwear is quite embarrassing.

Analysis of the industry that when the swimwear market into a stable period of development, the enterprise competition from the product differences, price war, thoroughly into the brand competition stage. For brand building, publicity is very important.

Confused three: differences in consumer attitudes

From the perspective of consumer psychology and consumption, foreigners prefer to highlight and characterize, they are not afraid of being unconventional, not afraid of subversion of tradition, the pursuit of independence, do not like the same, unlike the Chinese people like to follow suit, foreigners want to pass Consumption shaping itself into a unique and unique individual. In the consumption of swimsuit is also true. And most people's consumption concept is somewhat conservative, especially in the era of popular online shopping, "follow the trend" has become almost a more practical shopping law.

According to experts, most consumers in China, the frequency of swimsuit replacement is once a year, a small number of consumers two years to replace once, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries, consumer attitudes are significantly different. In the international market, swimwear has become a fast fashion products, consumption is greater. In addition, foreign swimwear to the majority of bikini style, and China more to Siamese, split or skirt swimwear mostly, compared with bikini, more materials, the cost is relatively high, to some extent, the traditional Consumption concept also restricts the development of the domestic swimwear market.

Confused four: "old" is still evergreen

What kind of swimsuit in China, the most sought after? According to Taobao swimsuit sales data analysis, the past two years with the strong return of retro style, in the field of swimming bikini no longer alone popular beam, swimsuit return to the conservative trend is obvious, there are more women favor Siamese swimwear, such products Accounting for 60.1% of total sales in 2010. Bikini's turnover accounted for 39.9%. However, the confrontation of women, after all, it is difficult to let go, has always been walking in the forefront of Shanghai in the bikini hot provinces and cities ranked first. From the business turnover of the provinces ranked, Liaoning business in the provinces ranked first. Especially in the hot swimsuit single product recommendation, the majority are from Liaoning Huludao, because of fashionable and low prices by the buyers love. In addition to Liaoning, the garment industry and business development of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong is also a major gathering of swimwear business. From the Siamese, split, bikini, as well as a variety of styles can be seen in the statistics, skirt swimsuit is undoubtedly the current popular choice.