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ASOS Made An Exciting Decision --Start to appoint the Model With Stretch Marks

Aug 17, 2017

The average pear figure and the big size model seem to be more consumer friendly. Even fat and scars are not a problem to them. Consumers seem to learn to say "no" to fashion brands.

British fashion electricity supplier ASOS is preparing to challenge the old fashion moment of fashion.

When buying swimsuits, consumers often have to be confronted with models with tight skin, no body hair, or even little body defects. They have full breasts and hips, but limbs and waist without a little fat. Although we know that this is not the real model figure, mostly depends on the effect of the late PS, but still inevitably to consumers with unrealistic fantasy, so that they produce less than the actual self recognition.

However, in the recent swimwear series, the first ASOS enabled with pregnancy model in their ads, and figure not model itself with the skin texture processing, but choose to keep them. Their stretch marks, cellulite, and even the birthmark were displayed intact. In addition, also there are some plump and pregnant women swimsuit models.


Pregnant model