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2018, You Should Know The Trend Of Swimsuit

Aug 30, 2017

2018, you should know the trend of swimsuit

● color: red and coke orange is very important. Blue, blue, navy blue with bright color printing, and simple black and white color composition contrast.

● Edition type: minimalist short section to create a relatively conservative long-sleeved swimwear. Bra is still popular, shoulder shape new ideas.

● printing & pattern: large leaf printing improved tropical flowers.

● fabric & details: glossy moist effect fabric and metal color fabric to create a luxurious eye-catching appearance. Underwear swimsuit is still popular, using straps, embroidery embossed, crochet, lace trim, embellishment.

Hanging neck collar

Minimalist all-inclusive truncated version inspired by sports bra, swimsuit this season, a large number of this design. New style to create a streamlined appearance, simple version filled with sports atmosphere.

hanging neck collar

Strap design

Bikini and swimsuit plenty of use with girdle strap detail. Straps for the side, to create a delicate appearance; for deep V-neck style is even more bold sexy.

strap design

Shoulder detail

Bikini and body swimsuit are used shoulder to shoulder design. Falling shoulder with lotus leaf, showing the romantic charm of the temperament; flat shoulder design design eye-catching.

Hanging shoulder and cover sleeves with minimalist positive, so that the overall effect to maintain a modern. All the money or print models are available.

shoulder detail

Oversized lotus leaf

Swimsuit popular from the big lotus leaf, interesting and feminine. Colorful eye-catching lotus leaf to create retro carnival style appearance. Can be used with soft printing, creating a fine romantic feeling.

Fun size and layout, to create deliberately exposed exaggerated version type.

Oversized lotus leaf