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2018 Women's Swimwear Underwear Trends

Aug 30, 2017

Shiny shiny

The damp appearance and shiny luster fabric are used to make the conjoined swimsuit. Eye-catching fabric to create a stylish appearance.

Simple shape, the use of exquisite strip and deep V style. To black, silver, bronze and other solid color-based.

shiny shiny

Leaves printed

Classic tropical wind printing is still popular, simple image leaves bring it to update. Green and white contrast, let the printing to keep clean. A few bright colors for the visual effects plus points.

Leaves printed

Truncated style

Minimalist all-inclusive style swimsuit inspired by sports underwear. The style has a streamlined appearance, simple version of the type filled with a sense of movement.

Bright or print to create exaggerated effect. 90-year-old collar and lower spoon collar to create minimalist appearance.

Truncated style

Surfing suit

Long sleeves swimsuit. Hollow and low collar back design to create a sexy appearance, eye-catching printing so that the overall effect of more personality. Long sleeves with low collar back, seven-point sleeve with all-inclusive swimwear, visual effects better. Contrast color stitch and color print for design bonus.

surfing suit

Underwear swimsuit

Underwear details and fabrics continue to affect swimwear design. Embroidery patterns and inlays are used in bikini, lace trim and mesh for Siamese swimsuit, with underwear.

Embroidery in the season is still popular, was used for modern version and style. Bold printing also applies to the shape, with full pieces of lace and fine trim.

underwear swimsuit