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2018 Spring And Summer International Underwear And Swimsuit Trend Forecast

Aug 22, 2017

Flower garden

Gardens, floral motifs and leaves are presented in every possible way. Through the naive romantic pattern. Keyword is a compromise!


The fusion of influencers and transformers shows that flowers are the hottest creative source. However, after a new generation of unique designers at the helm of Valentino, Gucci and Dior, nothing is the same. Is not so much a flower, as they tell the story. In Ysabel

The illustrations of LeMay's floral photography show that cheerful eclecticism is a key element of every excellent contemporary design. Nostalgic or retro may provide some elements whose purpose is to be unexpected!

Technology Garden

From the music scene to the gym. It will reshape our own new life rhythm and fun. Keyword is innovation!


Influence, graphics, playful, technical mystery. Cocktail everything, Emoticons Cultural intercourse Pop Art, Picasso's edge is graffiti and individuality free and aesthetic norms of the experiment. It is also sports to meet the clothing and underwear market, to avoid the risk of losing contact with generations. New communication, distribution channels are different, fashion bloggers and music festival rules. A real challenge!