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The traditional market knitted fabrics hanging varieties increased and turnover increased slightly

Aug 17, 2017

The traditional market knitted fabrics linked to increase the variety of varieties, the market color varieties of many varieties, both the size of the transaction in bulk, part of the cloth industry and the scale of the store business more than batch turnover.

Products to produce women's spring and summer-based knitted weft knitted weaving T-shirt cloth, sportswear and swimsuit two-sided bombs, four-sided printing and dyeing, embroidery varieties of interaction, printing fabric transactions increased day by day, new flower fabric needs foreign trade Batch of both sex transactions, some foreign trade clothing manufacturers with a variety of flowers with heavy volume transactions, creative flower fabric prices steady rise. Driven by the upstream dyes, fabrics and labor costs to promote the Shaoxing part of the printing and dyeing manufacturers have announced a slight increase in postganglionic printing and dyeing prices, red, blue and other sensitive tone price range of 0.50-1.00 yuan / kg or so. Analysts pointed out that the impact of rising costs, the follow-up does not rule out more manufacturers of printing and dyeing prices.

40S fine cotton knitting lathe door width 175CM, 160 grams / square meters water blue, rose red, green color fabric local small batch delivery. 32S pure polyester yarn knitted zipper frame width 175CM, 180 g / square meters of fabric to the black strip of the orderly interval of bleaching in the fabric of small and medium volume delivery.