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The correct way to wear a swim cap

Aug 17, 2017

Steps / methods with both hands will be swimming cap and then head down to wear

Note Do not use fingernails - so as not to use broken, do not use swimming pool in swimming pool water

Sweat hat wearing a common law: with his hands micro-fist into the swimming cap, the swimming cap to open, and then wear down from the head down. Do not use fingernails - to avoid breaking. (Long hair girl should first head up, and then use the swimming cap to trap, but do not let hairpin piercing the swimming cap)

The size of the wearing cap of the law wearing a law: silicone and PU swimming cap has a pair of polyline after the line to the head and the middle of the face and nose as much as possible to cover the ears are normal are all the code I personally think that Careful adjustment can be comfortable to stretch to cover the entire ears at this time on the midline of the fold will be at least in the water, the resistance will be reduced, of course, no effect on the swimming enthusiasts, but it is look good (cloth cap Elastic little cover less than the ear).

Girl wearing a swimming cap detail steps

1, before swimming to prepare a few folder hair clip, to flat, the more flat the better, long point Ye Hao. You are a girl, should have it

2, for the swimsuit, put the hair up the disk, all disk to the head, remember the disk to be uniform, do not put the hair plate to a point, or will look bulging, try to tighten, and then use Clip clip, clip it all fall down, tighten the scalp, try not to let it too fluffy, basically a few clips on it, the hair are pressed the scalp (a little tail hanging down is not afraid)

3, to the swimming cap, and the cap has nothing to pay attention to the hat, as far as possible to pull the mouth, carefully the head, remember the hair are caught, if not all is the step 2 is not done, there is a little The tail of the tail can not be normal, and then the tail slowly grasp the hand into the hat, do not need how neat, the hair stuffed into it. If the steps 2 do good, hair clips enough to paste the words, wearing a hat should not feel a bit convex.

What is the material of the swimming cap?

1, silicone cap

Features: is now the most common. Maximize the resistance in the design of the swimming cap. Impermeable, not easy to crack (not to be nails and sharp jewelry scraping under the premise), sticky or aging deformation, wear it is also more comfortable, and now the design of the swimming cap is also used within the design of particles, with anti-skid effect.

2, nylon swimming cap

Features: Wear personal comfort, resistance is small, can improve the swimming speed; hygroscopicity and good dyeing, with alkali resistance to the role of reductive; good rebound performance, many times can still be back to the original stretch.

3, PU swimming cap

Features: very light: density of only 1.25, slightly larger than water And has a fire, water, moth, mildew, crack resistance and other properties, is very suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration materials, is a new green decorative materials. Easy processing: PU products, can be nailed, can be sawing, planing, can be milling, bending shape, and not crack, no deformation, no moth, indoor and outdoor can be used. Environmental protection: due to the use of synthetic fiber as raw material, reducing the deforestation, can achieve non-toxic harmless green products standards. Waterproof: no water, no water, no deformation, both mildew.

4, spandex swimming cap

Features: very breathable, so naturally not waterproof. Texture is relatively soft, wear it will be comfortable compared to a little, suitable for children to play with water. Spandex acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, light resistance, wear resistance are better.

5, cloth swimming cap

Features: not lean, more loose, comfortable, but not waterproof, not good for the hair