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Spring and summer men's swimsuit trend 32dd bathing suits

Sep 09, 2017

Summer to the beach to enjoy the summer sea breeze, to a beach sunbathing, so how attractive the situation, before you choose your swimwear beach pants yet? To take into account the functional issues, men's swimsuit selection style is actually quite small, in addition to the length and width of the change designers to use more different printing patterns to play. 

In the spring and summer of 2014, the vivid printing of the image became dominant. Camouflage, color stripes, tropical flowers, digital printing, marine blue gradient and ethnic customs and other tingling everything. The new season, many designers have adopted the pattern of flowers and plants, whether it is Brazil Samba wind flowers, or Hawaiian style plant patterns, people feel the enthusiasm of the summer. National style of the pattern with a wealth of color, showing a unique modern sense of psychedelic Jamaican tie-dyed style showing a hippie style, electronic elements of the pattern has also been a large number of applications, and retro cashew flower pattern is more stable And exquisite.


In addition, the men to choose the style is no longer a briefs - with the printing is really inappropriate, choose the length of the drawstring just shorts, zipper pocket and other details to enhance the personal taste decoration, and simple shape to reflect the relaxed and casual mood The Like the beauty of women on the beach, men can match a small amount of decorations, such as rope bracelet, metal buckle and cool very sunglasses,