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Sports Illustrated finally began selling swimwear, and also developed sportswear

Aug 30, 2017

Time Inc also launched a new business, its magazine "Sports Illustrated" to start selling swimwear, and together to the market, as well as sportswear.

Sports Illustrated has a strong background with swimwear and is an active advocate of bikinis. In 1964, the magazine began its regular publication of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in February each year, and the first cover featured a cover girl in a white bikini. After 53 years, bikinis or swimwear turns to appear in the swimsuit album cover, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

Over the years, Sports Illustrated has become synonymous with swimwear, or bikinis.

"For sports illustrated, this is a natural process of development. For a long time, the magazine has been considered an authority on the style of swimwear." Bruce Gersh, Minister of strategy and business development, said, "the Sports Illustrated brand extends to haute couture, which is also appropriate.". This coincides with the group's strategy to attract consumers now."

At present, the series is still under development, and details of the design have not yet been revealed. It is planned to be launched in early 2018. Times have shown that this series is suitable for all types of women". Of course, the new series will be on the Sports Illustrated magazine.

"We will focus on long-term cooperation. Sports Illustrated has an endless potential for growth. We look at swimwear and sportswear developed with sports illustrated as a supplement to the product line. Sports Illustrated has a high brand awareness around the world. Swimwear and sportswear are also evolving, and our cooperation will have many opportunities."

Time Inc, built up by traditional media, faces challenges. Last year, accounting for 70% of the Time Inc in print advertising and distribution of income in total income of US $3 billion 80 million, and two respectively, all income fell 9%. Meanwhile, profits are expected to fall to $3 billion this year.