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How to Buy Swimwear for Boys

Aug 30, 2017

Buy Swimwear for Boys


Obtain well fitting swimwear for your boy. Select swim trunks that allow your boy to move around freely and that make him feel comfortable. Be sure that the waist of the swim trunks fits well and allows for growth. Most swim trunks have a drawstring at the waist that allows you to adjust the fit.

Look for boys' swimwear that has built in sun protection. Manufacturers make both swim trunks and rash guards for boys that offer such sun protection. Look for labels or tags that say "SPF 50" or "SPF 40" on them. These articles of boys' swimwear will help minimize the risk of sun damage to your boy.

Consider purchasing swimwear that has a built in pocket with a zipper or other closure. A pocket can hold keys or even a few dollars if necessary (such as if your boy is at a public pool). Swim trunks for boys may have such a pocket, and some boys' rash guards have these pockets as well.

Determine the styling of the boys' swimwear that you desire. Boys' swimwear comes in many different colors, patterns and designs. Some swim trunks even have popular cartoon or other characters on them. Let your boy help pick out the style of swim trunks or rash guard that he wants.