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How fat women choose green triangle bikini to look thin

Sep 02, 2017

1.A shaped swimsuit 

A swimsuit is the gospel of the fat girl, the success of the transfer of the views of others, the other people's attention focused on their own chest above, just right to block the fat on the abdomen, loose skirt will make rough waist fat but not so obvious

2.Floral skirt style

"Luanhua for charming eyes" This swimsuit is because of the reasons for the floral, can make people's attention line of sight, rather than simply look at how the body. Floral swimsuit more kind of lively youthful atmosphere, very suitable for the character passionate fat girl.

3.Conservative swimsuit

The conservative swimsuit is for the more conservative girls to wear, they do not like to reveal too much of their own skin. Fat girls can also be such a swimsuit to cover their own dissatisfied with the body, can play a very good "hidden" effect.

4.Three-piece swimsuit

Three-piece swimsuit can give fat mm they play more space, floral pattern and flowers green leaves with the color of the cover and transfer the effect of the eyes, so that the fat girl looked at it will not be very fat, outside the shirt can give Bikini more choice.

Let us face the reality, the saying goes, "Some people are not fat all the body fat is only in the individual parts of the nasty meat. For these different parts of the purchase of small series for you to prepare a different swimsuit to buy Raiders, so you from the popular basis of the sublimation of wearing a no less inferior to other crush swimsuit beauty.

Common obesity parts how to choose swimsuit

a.Legs are too thick --- high split swimsuit

Legs thick as the players of women, may wish to wear some high fork cut the swimsuit. Although this will show all the legs out, but in the visual but will make the legs look more slender, so that lines become more beautiful.


b.Chest too big --- Siamese + stripes

For the chest full of ladies, wearing swimsuit always feel uncomfortable, often afraid to emptied. May wish to consider Siamese style swimsuit, both the figure can be elongated lines, but also reduce the chance of emptying. While the stripes pattern is more able to make the circle look more flat, with the two, can make the lines even more uniform and natural.


c.Waist too thick --- up and down different colors

For the waist of the thick and lack of lines of the ladies, regardless of wearing any swimsuit, just understand the color of the match, you can play the effect of close the waist line. One up and down the body of different colors or patterns of swimsuit, is the best match, can effectively highlight the contours of the waist, so that the curve is more exquisite.


d.Big ass --- flat angle, short skirt + exaggerated pattern

Buttocks fullness, you should choose flat or skirt style swimsuit, upper body with more exaggerated patterns, can effectively cover the hypertrophy of the buttocks. Because the exaggerated pattern can have the role of diversion of sight, and shorts or short skirts can effectively cover the fullness of the buttocks, play a modified effect.