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bathing suit styles

Aug 22, 2017

China Textile Industry Federation, China Garment Association Sun Ruizhe, China Textile Industry Federation Party Committee Deputy Secretary Chen Weikang, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Consumer Goods Industry Division Director Cao Tingrui, Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce Inspector Wu Jiang attended the opening ceremony.

Sun Yi in the speech on behalf of the municipal government and the people of the city, to visit the opening ceremony of the leaders, guests and friends from all walks of life welcome. He said that the swimwear industry is born due to the sea, because of the city and Xing, because of people and the United States. In recent years, with the northeast a new round of revitalization of the tide, by the transformation and upgrading of innovation and development of Dongfeng, Huludao facing the sea, gorgeous turned to explore a small swimsuit leveraging large industry, small exhibition to promote large open, Upgrade the new development of the road. Swimwear industry came into being, is the people of Huludao sea by sea, relying on the sea to raise the sea, by the sea the United States the most vivid interpretation of the sea.

Sun Yi said that this swim show can become the world's only swimwear industry chain exhibition, become China's most authoritative international annual exhibition, not only the supreme glory of Huludao, it is the world to Huludao a show opportunity. 6 years, swimwear culture Expo not only with a solid footprint, commented Huludao swimwear industry from small to large, from large to strong, from strong to Sheng's magnificent course, also opened Huludao from the deep tone, the structure of a single traditional industrial city Bright fashion, industry diversified modern tourism city transformation of the new era. At the same time, swimsuit for the media, so that people around the world to understand Huludao, love Huludao, fascinated by Huludao. Swimsuit set up friendship friendship bridge, the achievements of the Oriental town dress up the world play sea dream, success dream, the Chinese dream.

Sun Yi said that in the provincial party committee and government of the correct leadership and strong support, as the Liaoning docking Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei tourism first area, the national e-commerce model city, Huludao City will be hesitant to swim this small creative, equipped with " "High-speed express, and strive for the development of Huludao, the service of the Four Seas 宾朋, plug in the wings of the fly, so that the dream soar, so that dreams come true, so that the world people because of Huludao and romantic. Huludao municipal government will, as always, the driving force, the sea-like mind, gold-like enthusiasm for all walks of life to provide the most beautiful swimsuit, the best service, the strongest self-confidence.

At the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests at the opening ceremony jointly opened the "China (Huludao Xingcheng) International Beach and Swimwear Culture Expo" to start the curtain. At the same time also carried out the Chinese 3D fashion design competition works show and awards, six network operators to promote activities such as platform.

After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests attending the opening ceremony watched the swimwear exhibition.

It is reported that this exhibition lasted 3 days, the theme of "innovation cross." In 2017, the 6th China International Swimwear Show is the core event of China (Huludao Xingcheng) International Beach and Swimwear Culture Expo. The exhibition area is 12,267 square meters. There are 112 exhibitors from home and abroad. Swimming equipment, swimwear design, pattern design, swimwear accessories, etc., as well as online platforms, financial institutions, related equipment and equipment, Logistics enterprises and many other categories.

Adhering to the "beautiful lead fashion dream live life" concept, this exhibition will build a new format platform, integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, docking global industrial resources, solid push supply side reform to new platforms, new technologies, new Materials used as a carrier, to promote Xingcheng swimwear industry to mention upgrading, transformation and development. The exhibition gathered a number of new domestic equipment, new materials, new technology enterprises, in the field to carry out promotional activities. In addition, this exhibition will be held in Alibaba 1688 online swimwear festival, 2017 Jingdong Xingcheng swimwear festival, international and domestic six well-known electric business platform site forum, cutting-edge designer works show, works exhibition and trade, national textile and garment enterprises " Into the Xingcheng swimwear industry cluster ", Jinjiang swimwear industry cluster went to Liaoning Xingcheng trade show and many other exciting events and activities for the Xingcheng swimwear industry and exhibition aggregation to provide power and support.