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Choose the right type of swimsuit, this summer I'm the most beautiful!

Sep 07, 2017

Summer vacation, there are three good, blue sea, blue sky, bikini! Summer beach leisure think are happy, but pleasing, not every universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, the human body is perfect. Precisely because of this imperfect, all kinds of clothing came into being. Neither proud curves nor perfect vest lines? No problem´╝ü Will be based on their own body to choose the right swimsuit, avoid weaknesses, still can be a new height.


           Different somatotype

It's important to recognize your body shape by choosing the right swimsuit. According to the size of table seats, we next figure brought an antidote against the disease, eliminate blind spots.

1. pear shaped figure

Features: upper body narrow, lower body width, plainly speaking, is the big ass!

The pear shaped body, European and American friends think this is the best one sexy. Relative to the upper body, lower body fat showing impressive curve

Single item recommendation

Although the pear shaped body too plump, but don't forget their charming waistline! Therefore, the split style swimsuit is definitely the first choice! The balance is also a pear shape, girls choose swimsuit crucial point, the upper part of the choice of design a strong sense of style, at the same time you can shift the line of sight.


Although there are people trying to use the skirt to cover a small though the lower body lines, but this awkward awkward length, increased hip width, counterproductive. Pear shaped girl may wish to transfer the mind to the upper body, the lower part of the body can cover, cover, can not cover as concise as possible.

Inverted triangle

Features: chest large! Big! Big! Big! Big! Big! Big!!!

The proud chest organ is an indispensable scenic spot on the beach. The chest is big girl, choose bikinis not what troubles to worry about, just too hot to bloody spectators!

Single item recommendation

Although the big chest girl holds the inborn superiority, but chooses the swimsuit when still needs to support the strength swimsuit. Steel ring and padded assist, instantly let your chest Up! Up! Up! Wide shoulder straps and neck style swimming suits can not be ignored. They are beautiful and practical.


Big chest girl selecting swimsuit is not a decorative or no restrictions of any kind, how strong is the natural enemy of swimwear! Remember!


Features: small chest, high fashion

The girl was a fashion reversal, leading a new generation of fashion. Is that I can wear flat chested advantage: you can't wear, you can squeeze me some.

Single item recommendation

The chest has strong decorative or pleated swimsuit girls can pick bold, these details can create a good visual effect, let you not thin.

Bodybuilding figure

Features: flat! Ping! Strong!

Body shape, as the name suggests is strong! There is no proud curve, from top to bottom. The curve is left with the muscle lines that no one can match.

Single item recommendation

Although there is no bump curve, but this type of girl's skeleton is absolutely good, so it is necessary to choose the swimsuit to shape curves! Choose fancy swimsuit suits, Ruched up are able to create a ready-made panacea curve.

Apple shape

Features: bring swimming rings on your belly

The girl with an apple figure removes physical fitness problems, mostly due to lack of exercise and an unreasonable diet. Although easy to easy fat reduction, but still have a lot of girls lost in the small pot on. So not only good shape, health is also important, the shape of the apple girl, apart from choosing the right swimsuit, may wish to plan a healthy life!

Single item recommendation

To the question, a small pot is definitely bikinis killer! Lazy girls cram is too late, then put your stomach on the small fleshy cover!