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Children's swimwear when using notes

Aug 08, 2016

The benefits of baby swimming a lot, for example, can increase their strength and coordination, perfect shape. But at the same time, must not overlook some of the considerations for baby swimming, in addition to security, is the choice of swimwear.
Doesn't fit into wearing
Baby swimsuit is too small not only uncomfortable, it also affects blood circulation; bathing suits when activity increases over the baby in the water resistance. Many babies to water have a certain fear, close-fitting swimsuit can give the baby a little more sense, so to choose the right size swimwear, not because of swimwear and elastic as long as on the dress, whatever fits into baby wear.
When choosing a swimsuit for baby, you can repeatedly stretching the swimwear, if returned to the same, indicating good rebound resilience.
Have some natural skirt girl's swimsuits, to decorate the baby into the water on the little angel. But too many decorations that are too complex will become a burden of the baby in the water, affecting body movements.
Therefore, the swimsuits should choose the style simple, as regards the selection of the pattern can be colorful, like cartoon suits are your baby's favorite.
Buy wash wear
Some careless mother wasn't ready in advance to the baby swimwear, beach or pool and then hurry buy one, won't have time to wash directly to the baby wear, swimwear looks clean, but I do not know is hidden inside the invisible germs, health risks to the baby.
Swimsuit fiber network is very dense, often net a large number of bacteria, such as Shigella, virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, purulent skin bacteria, and so on.
These bacteria often as the humidity increases and multiply. Baby's resistance to germs than adults, and bathing suits are tailor-made clothing, therefore, must not underestimate the health of bathing suit.
Buy new swimsuits go back I will be sure to wash and wear, and should be cleaned immediately after use.
No elements of swimsuit fabrics
Currently on the market mainly dominated by spandex swimsuit material. Spandex content is international standard was 18%, better bathing suits, to reach 18% spandex content.
Good bathing suit should be pulling tight, elastic not bigger is better, of course, but better resilience, stretching back many times as well.
Little or no inferior swimsuit spandex content, its poor flexibility, if slightly larger amplitude, swimsuits are prone to deformation, rupture, and so on.
In the clothing market and supermarket, many swimwear does not indicate the fabric composition, mothers not to buy this type of swimwear to the baby as much as possible, it is best to regular sports shop to buy.