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Casual swimwear styles and choices

Aug 08, 2016

Casual swimwear styles and choices
Leisure swim suit, also known as beach swimwear. Use swimsuit, one-piece single-Pack, divided into two pieces, and paired with swimsuit Beach decorated with long skirts. In swimming, the leisure suit with one hand, but also show that women are beautiful body, in the style, color, pattern, obviously under the influence of fashion, every season there are new colors, new species introduction, confusing. Women when wearing two garments, and can easily attract the attention of the opposite sex. A cocktail dress, another is a swimsuit. Indeed, both garments are best expresses on behalf of female beauty--female gorgeous evening bring out the feminine side, swimwear then delineate the female fresh handsome appearance. Popular swimsuits can be broadly divided into the following three types:
1. two separate piece-two piece jacket and pants suits, bikinis and the simple two-head, Bikini, also known as three-point, which is characterized by the use of materials is very small. Admittedly, Bikini swimsuit is the most attractive sight, if you have very impressive stature and absolute confidence, this style of swimwear can be the first choice.
2. one piece one piece swimsuit with shoulder belt and drum, and Chinese-style COWL NECK design. Upper body such as vest straps swimwear are extremely traditional, was the most popular choice of style. -Strap bathing suit while ordinary, but through the change of straps, can still find a special one, as popular several years abroad before the shoulder a head. Open chest deep and winding design of swimwear, is best for narrow width at bottom of body modification. Also, on the bust line and a unique decoration, can make the shape more perfect.
3. drum cartridge swimwear is more chic, it is a barrel-shaped body, with suspenders, straps can be removed. This swimsuit reduces transparency in the chest and hips, high cut bottom can make the legs appear longer.