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Benefits often swims on the human body

Aug 08, 2016

Benefits often swims on the human body
1, enhancing myocardial function
People moving in the water, all organs are involved, high energy consumption, blood circulation also accelerated, more nutrients to supply the locomotive organs. Speed of the blood and increases the load on the heart to make it beat frequency, contraction is strong and powerful. People often swim, heart function extremely well. Average heart rate of 70-80 times per minute, each stroke is 60--80 ml. People who swim the heart rate can reach 50-55 beats per minute, a lot of good swimmers, the heart rate can reach 38-46/min, up to 90--120 ml per stroke volume. Swimming water can make the body when blood flows to the heart, the heart rate. Significant cardiac exercise-induced by prolonged swimming increases contractions strong, the vessel wall thickness increase elasticity increase, stroke transmission and increased bleeding. So, swimming can build a strong heart.

2. Strengthen the immune system
Swimming pool water temperature is 26 degrees to 28 degrees, soaked in water for cooling, and energy consumption. Add body heat as soon as possible, for the need of balance of hot and cold, nervous system will respond quickly, making the body's metabolism accelerate, boosting the body's ability to adapt to the outside world, against the cold. People often take part in winter swimming, thanks to the improved temperature regulation functions, is not easy to catch a cold, can also improve the function of the endocrine, the pituitary function increase, resulting in increased resistance to disease and immunity.

3. Diet
Direct immersion of the body in the water while swimming, water resistance, and good thermal conductivity, thermal speed, thus consuming more calories. On like a just Cook cooked of eggs, in air in the of cooling speed, far than in cold water in the fast, experiment proved: people in standard pool in the running 20 minutes by consumption of heat, equivalent to also speed in land Shang of 1 hours, in 14 degrees of water in the stay 1 minutes by consumption of heat up to 100,000 card, equivalent to in with temperature air in the 1 hours by distributed of heat. Thus, movements in the water, will make many people want to lose weight and achieve a multiplier effect, so swimming is to keep in shape one of the most effective campaigns.

4. Body form
In the swimming, usually uses the buoyancy of water in prone or supine in water, body relaxation and stretch, full, shapely and harmonious development of the body, the muscles flowing lines. Movement in the water due to the reduction of impact on the bones of ground motion, reducing the probability of ageing bones, bone and joint deformation. Water resistance may increase the intensity of exercise, but the intensity, it differs from equipment training on land, is very soft, the intensity of the training and is easy to control in the presence of oxygen within the domain, will not grow very stiff muscles, you can make the body smooth lines, elegant.

5. Strengthen the lungs
Respire mainly by pulmonary lung function strength decided by respiratory muscle strength, movement is one of the most effective means to improve and increase lung capacity. According to the determination: swimming when the chest is 12-15 kg of pressure, plus cold water to stimulate contractions, breathing difficulty, force people to breathe, increasing the depth of breathing, inhaling oxygen to meet the body's needs. General people of lung capacity probably for 3200 ml, breathing poor (maximum inhale and maximum call gas Shi bust expanded and narrowed of poor) only for 4-8 cm, dramatic movement Shi of maximum sucking oxygen volume for 2.5--3 rose/points, than quiet Shi big 10 times times; and swimming athletes of lung capacity can up to 4000-7000 ml, breathing poor reached 12-15 cm, dramatic movement Shi of maximum sucking oxygen volume for 4.5--7.5 rose/points, than quiet Shi increases 20 times times. Swimming breathing muscle, chest increases, your lung capacity increases and aspirated alveolar opening up more, breathe smoothly, is extremely beneficial to health.

6. Skin care
In the swimming, water and the erosion of the skin, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and played a very good massage, improves blood circulation, making the skin smooth and elastic. In addition, the movement in the water, greatly reducing the salt in the sweat on the skin irritation.